My name is Dariusz Kuzminski and I am a Personal Trainer since 2001, certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). I hold additional certifications in a wide range of other aerobic and physical fitness disciplines such as aero-kickboxing, weight-loss programming specific to the individual, senior training, corrective exercise training, performance enhancement, youth training and stretching.

My career began in my native country Poland where I had the good fortune in working closely with some of the top professionals in fitness. This vital exposure has given me a complete understanding of all aspects of training and the skills to pass this knowledge on to every one of my clients. With clients both young and old alike, I pay attention to every detail in adapting the level and intensity of my one-on-one sessions to the particular needs of each individual.

Since my motto has always been Maintain the Perfect Balance of Mind and Body, I incorporate the principals of Yoga into all of my stretching techniques. This further enhances the total experience with a particular focus on opening our minds to a higher level of respect for our bodies. My goal is to make sure that all of my clients understand the important benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Since November of 2008 I’ve decided to start my own very successful company PalmBeachFitnessPro Inc. which allowed me to explore, expand and master all of my knowledge with addition to other aspects like marketing, presenting and selling my services as well as maintaining great relationships with all my customers. To this day I have great contact with majority of people that I’ve had an opportunity to work with.

Working overseas for more than eleven years allowed me to gain a huge experience in areas of work with people from all over the world. My customers were both elderly, professional athletes as well as young people and children.

Today, being already in the home country I would like to continue my passion , create and implement training programs and help to achieve my customers goals. Guided by this thought I created Personal Training Studio – Ultra Fitness which is a continuation of the foreign operations.

You Can Have Results Or Excuses – Never Both!

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