Group Personal Training

Over the last several years, small-group personal training has dramatically increased in popularity. This form of training is not only time-effective for the personal trainer but economical for many clients unable to afford private sessions.

trening-grupowySmall Group Personal Training – usually between three and six clients — is a great way to get the benefits of trainers knowledge and also support and motivation from other participants.

Small groups can be fun but more challenging, one-on-one training is like a waiter serving one person at a restaurant but the Small Group Personal Training is more like being a bartender at happy hour.

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training:

  • Price
  • Variety
  • Workout buddies
  • Motivation
  • More suport from the Trainer than in a regular Group Exercise Training

Gather together with your friends and/or family members and start your journey to success in a Small Group!.

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