I strongly recommend. An effective training plan implemented by an experienced trainer who – despite vast experience – continues to educate himself and follows world trends. Three intense workouts in a week not only form my body but also relief stress. Thank you!

Magda Mrozek

I came to Darek in the autumn when the aura was not much encouraging me to any outdoor activities. My goal was to strengthen almost unused muscles – a few hours a day I work on a computer and I move very little outside the car, in which I sit comfortably;) Darek looked after me carefully, asked what I eat and what I want to achieve and we started training … already after a few weeks I noticed that I had more energy and that was a shock for me ~ I do not avoid further training … Why? And because Darek listens and helps me achieve my real goals and not my own ambitions … An additional bonus is a beautiful and solid body and complete loss of stiffness and wrist pain, which I broke a year ago. Thank you Darku and I wish you good luck!


Asia Skowron

Hey 🙂 Are you fighting yourself in the gym and have no effects? Are you trying to make a form on your own and have poor results? No sense to continue! I would like to recommend you to work with Darek! Full professionalism, solid workouts with a nice trainer – nice, concrete and effective 🙂 🙂 🙂

Halina Dłużewska.

I really recommend to all of those, who want to “workout” and do not know how, are afraid of the crowds in the gym or simply want to start a sport adventure. Me as a total “anti-sport” finally realized how sport in addition to health gives the power of joy and despite the fatigue and poured sweat adds energy! Darek is a great professional, coach, motivator, listener and above all a man for whom the other man is equally important. I started my workouts with great doubts, and after the first one I did not have any, finishing one with impatience waiting for the other, and for a person who had not had anything to do with sports previously it is really unusual! I would recommend, recommend, recommend!

Kinga Sobczak.

“Dariusz Kuźmiński helped me lose 27 pounds in 5 months, get ripped, and toned, and reduce my body fat to 10%. Dariusz helped me focus on cardio strength endurance training which built muscle and melted fat. I also changed my diet radically. Dariusz motivated me to cut out or reduce bad foods, alcohol and sugar. He taught me how to eat better and to plan to eat better. I learned that I had to do more than just train hard in the gym: I had to train hard in the kitchen and at the dinner table. Once I did that, Dariusz’ focused training to melt fat, and build lean muscle mass, made me look 20 years younger. Muscles I had never seen before started to pop. The pounds melted off and lean muscles emerged around the shoulders, cut arms, six pack back. Thank you Dariusz. You are the most serious, focused trainer that I know. ”

–John Pankauski, West Palm Beach, Floryda 2016

Darek, Just want to thank you for your training, inspiration and knowledge – I’m really happy with the results I’m gaining. I could have never done it on my own!

Filip N.

Amazing professional with years of experience in the US, supported by the highest American certificates. Extremely balanced and articulate. In addition, he can arrange a diet. Zero “neck” only excellent natural musculature. You can always count on him. Professionalism in the american style.

Maciej Maszner

Full professionalism and 100% involvement in each workout, these words best describe Darek. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their skills while ensuring good health. 

Krzysztof Bąk

After graduating from college, I wanted to use my newfound time to improve my health and personal fitness. Although I did my best to be healthy throughout my degree, late nights and on-the-go meals made my workout routine sporadic and unstructured. I had seen Dariusz coach other clients in the gym, as well as instruct yoga, and decided to meet with him for one on one training sessions. I was not disappointed. Unlike trainers I had previously encountered, Dariusz was well put together, knowledgeable, and really took the time to understand exactly what I was hoping to achieve from our training sessions. He developed a plan which concentrated initially on muscular development, and then advanced to strength training. I noticed significant improvement from week to week, but Dariusz always ensured that I was safe (sometimes I wanted to get a little ahead of myself). In addition to exercise, Dariusz consulted me on nutrition and supplements so that I truly got the most out of the time I was putting in. Now, at the end of four months, I am stronger than I have ever been: in every aspect, I have made substantial gains in strength and endurance. All notes pertaining to my workouts were neatly kept by Dariusz and sent to me after completion, which I am now utilizing to build my workout routine. If I did not have to move, I would still be training with Dariusz; however, moving forward, I now have a solid foundation and feel confident that I can continue striving towards new goals.

Heather Yerdon

Meeting Dariusz for personal training is the highlight of my week. He pushes you, he holds you accountable, and he makes it fun! I enjoy the different exercises he gives so it doesn’t become boring and repetitive. The strength training is great and he also teaches yoga classes.

Lauren Z.

I have moved from New York City to West Palm Beach last year. I have been very fortunate to be trained by Dariusz Kuzminski this year. While in New York, I have worked with a few personal fitness trainers. I have serious lower back, shoulder and neck pain for decades. I suffered from lower back pain after each training session in New York while paying over a hundred dollar for an hour of work out. That was discouraging.
After the first two sessions with Dariusz, I came to realize that my back and neck did not hurt at all. My work out is pretty intense and my overall muscle and physical strength has increased substantially just after a month or so. I am really happy that I am working with Dariusz on my physical fitness training as I have finally found a good trainer. You have no idea how difficult it is to find a really good trainer.
I like the workout so much that I look forward to each training session as I can see the improvement in less than two months.
Dariusz, you are the best personal fitness trainer I have worked with. Thumbs up to you!! Thank You for a great personal fitness development plan!!!!

Jane Au-Yeung

I have known Derek for about 6 years and I can honestly say that he is the best trainer I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable and experienced in phisical training. He is very good about working with you regarding phisical limitations such as injuries from other sports. I had an injury on my right wrist from golf but I was still able to workout as he was very careful and adjusted the workouts accordingly. The workouts never get boring as he always changes the routine. I had been away for a long time and just in 4 months of training with Derek only twice a week, I noticed a visible change in my body. I have definietely increased my strength and flexibility and am more toned..

Colette Galager

I met Darius about six months ago. I was looking for exercise classes in the gated community where I live. Darius offered Yoga classes. I found Darius to be very knowledgeable, engaging and a dedicated individual when it comes to health and fitness. I thoroughly enjoyed his Yoga classes. (He also had 10 minutes of ab warm-ups before Yoga.) He addresses your concerns at the level and intensity that you would like to receive. I have personally seen definable differences in individuals he has assisted (including me)! I would highly recommend Darius as your fitness instructor/personal trainer. You would not go wrong in choosing him. 🙂


I heard of Dariusz 3 years ago from two of my friends that were training with him. I having 2 herniated discs on neck and also lower back & have been skeptical of trainers pushing me too far. After spending the last 10 years not exercising in fear of getting hurt I decided that it was now or never to once again get in shape. I am 50 so time is not my friend anymore, haha! I am so happy that I had the courage to contact him. He is AMAZING!!!!! He has taught me so much and proven to me that I am stronger than I thought I was. He has pushed me to exercise in ways I thought weren’t possible for me anymore but he has also shown me modifications of exercises to accommodate my injuries. I feel so strong and really understand that exercise is crucial at my age and going forward. I could never thank him enough for what he has transformed in me, confidence in my own strength. I no longer feel unable. I can say now that I am stronger physically and emotionally because of his motivation and training. If your thinking of contacting him please don’t wait 3 years like I did. Call him immediately you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Viviana Garcia

Although I have received numerous treatments for my neck and back Dariusz’s personal fitness training far exceeds the quality of every trainer I have had.
He works with great dedication exhibiting a very professional and caring approach.
Dariusz has developed an individual treatment plan for me with focuses on my strengths and weaknesses. He concentrates on exercises which strengthen the core muscles, bone density and balance.
Unlike other instructors Dariusz emphasizes the connection between mind and body incorporating yoga in every class. He encourages mindfulness and self confidence with every client, encouraging them to try challenging exercises. I’m very greatful to have found such a great trainer in Dariusz Kuzminski. I have already noticed improvements in myself and would recommend him to every person in any walk of life, who likes to have fun, while bettering the quality of their lives.

Fran L. Herault

As an avid runner, yoga, and occasional gym member through the years – working out became harder to schedule. It took a snow mobile accident over the holidays to realize that I needed some help. Dariusz has been amazing with varied routines, building muscle, and help gain back strength. He is a great trainer who takes time to customize workouts for you individually. Friday’s are my least favorite day of the week as he tries to kill me (or keep me focused through the weekend) J Thanks for all of your help!

Kristen Steele

Wanted to just say thanks again and I’ve been using a lot of the exercises and nutrition advice from you. Just finished my 4th triathlon of the summer yesterday, and am training for ironman California march 30th. If I was in Florida id definitely want to train under your expertise, but thanks again and keep up the great work!


Not only has Dariusz made working out fun and challenging, he has also assisted me with establishing an easy way to fit in a work out on days I don’t see him. He sometimes tries to be tough, but I know that it’s only for my benefit and we are able to joke around about his “toughness”.  He has also helped me establish and manage a healthy “doable” food plan which is the most difficult aspect of losing weight for me. His food plan is sensible with a wide variety of food choices that leave me satisfied and not hungry. He initially analyzed my food diary, then showed me easy ways to “tweak” my diet so that I didn’t feel deprived.  It’s great to see pounds disappear, muscles define, strength increase and clothes fit better!  Thank you Dariusz, you’re the BEST!!

Julia Jackson

 You are an amazing trainer. I have learned so much from you thanks a lot!

Phillip Roumer