Hi, welcome to my blog, my name is Dariusz Kuźmiński and I’m a personal trainer. Considering the fact that fitness industry at the moment is under tremendous boom and a rash of all kinds of clubs, coaches, staff, motivators, live coaches and web pages about this subject is very rapid, I am very pleased to have you here reading the text below. The purpose of this blog is to give you both – my subjective opinion based on years of experience in training with clients as well as selection of interesting articles from the fitness industry, which I think are really worth attention.

Since August this year, there was another turning point in my life, both private and professional. After eleven years of residency in Florida me and my family have returned to our native the country Poland and I admit that we are still in the course of adaptation. Cultural differences, language – getting used to it will probably take a while, but we all enjoy immensely, that we made this decision.

Staying overseas opened my horizons and made it possible to work with customers in the country not only many times larger than Poland, but also multicultural and very open to sports and physical culture. I will try to convey to you my observations and comments hoping that each of you will be able to find something interesting for themselves. I cordially invite you to participate in discussions, leave the comments and I will try to reply to all. Goodbye Floryda – Welcome back Poland!

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