Skiing? – get ready for it

Skiing? – get ready for it

Ski season is here but it’s never too late to incorporate into your training program some excercises that will get you ready. Increase your stamina, strength and increase safety on the slope.


Band Walks are an essential part of preseason fitness routine that you can incorporate into your ski training and ski workouts. Mini-band walks target the gluteus medius and stabilizing muscles of the hips. This exercise is extremely important to skiers for proper landing technique and jump mechanics on the mountain.

Start with two sets of 20 steps in each direction for this exercise.


Most athletes think of their “core” as their six-pack abdominal muscles. However, it is also important to incorporate training for the glutes and lower back when you’re working on your core.Back Extension with Dumbbell Row exercise targets multifidus, glutes and lower back. This exercise trains the entire posterior chain.

Start with a back extension to target your lower back and glutes. Next, squeeze your shoulder blades and bring the dumbbells up to your sides and then lowers them in a controlled motion. Start with three sets of six repetitions with medium to heavy dumbbells for this exercise.


TRX One leg squat is extremely important for perfect sports performances like running and jumping or skiing. At the same time, it is important to exercise unilaterally to rectify deficiencies between the right and the left leg.


Lateral Box Jumps are a great preseason exercise and ski workout to work on explosion in the moguls. Try this exercise at home to bash bumps better next time you’re on the mountain. This exercise involves quick and explosive jumps while also adding the challenge of a change in direction. The goal is to maintain excellent body control while quickly jumping from side to side and up and down on the box.

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